5 Easy Tips To Lose Weight

Drink lots of water. Aim for at least 2 litres, no less, but more if you can! 2. Breakfast: Oats and fruit with rice milk. Or 2 poached eggs on toast. Lunch: Green salad and salmon. Or chicken and salad wrap. Dinner: Any meat, chicken or fish with salad or vegetables. Or pasta and vegetables.Continue reading “5 Easy Tips To Lose Weight”

The Art of Focus

In our insanely fast paced world, where we have so many different ‘things’ competing for our attention, sustained focus has become incredibly difficult to achieve. Watch any child for just one hour, and you will witness their attention span go from 0-100 different things. TV, phone, toy, video game, food, drink, pet, music, outside, inside,Continue reading “The Art of Focus”

5 Underrated Feel Good Activities

Sing. Sing out loud. Blast out some music and kiss your cares goodbye. Create a playlist. Don’t be shy, let your voice be heard. Learn new lyrics. Revisit songs from your childhood. Just sing. Dance. Dance, dance, dance. Use that song playlist to get your groove on. Dance alone, dance in front of a mirror,Continue reading “5 Underrated Feel Good Activities”