Lyndall Johnston BA

Lyndall Johnston BA

Founder Lyndall Johnston has over 25 years experience in physical fitness and creative industries, including dance, gymnastics, acrobatics, performing arts, choreography, athletics, swimming, and creative direction.

Lyndall holds a Bachelor of Arts from The University of Newcastle, Australia, multiple dance diplomas, numerous awards in dance, gymnastics, and theatre, and is completing further group fitness and personal trainer certifications.

Lyndall has industry experience in stage, television, and theatre, as a performer, dance teacher, choreographer, and director, covering a wide variety of performing and creative arts, including competitions, promotions, artistic installations, music videos, short films, and advertising.

This lifetime experience has provided Lyndall with advanced skills in developing and maintaining body performance, physical fitness and movement, strength, form, and correct techniques, motivation, focus, determination, navigating challenges, overcoming adversity, and an ability to balance the health of the body with the health of mind and soul.

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