Top 3 Booty Exercises

I am not an advocate for building up one particular body area, as I believe in training that incorporates the whole body, our muscles and bones are all connected and what you do to one particular area will either work for or against another area. In this respect, a balanced diet and exercise program is the ideal approach. If you have that in place and are wanting a go-to exercise combination to work your glutes and tone that booty, here are 3 failproof exercises.


The old staple. Squats do work, but they must be done as part of a whole body training approach. If you don’t have a regular exercise plan in place, and you decide to randomly do 100 squats one day expecting a toned tush, sorry to be a party pooper (no pun intended), but it’s not going to happen. However, incorporate these booty exercises into your weekly plan 2-3 times per week and you’ll see results.

SIDE LUNGES x 50 (25 each side)

These will work your glutes, inner and outer thighs


With hands behind your head, 50 of these will definitely challenge your glutes and quads!

Complete these 3 exercises as sets of 50, if you’re up for the challenge do 2 rounds. Add this in 2-3 times per week and expect a booty masterpiece in no time! Simple, uncomplicated, effective.

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