MO2V8 Mini HIIT Workout


Here’s a mini workout designed to get you started on a full body workout. Ditch the excuses, pump up the motivation, throw on whatever workout gear and shoes make you feel like the bomb, grab your water bottle and a towel, find a local gym, park, or backyard, and fire up!

Start at 1 round 3-5 times per week, build up to 4 rounds 3-5 times per week as you improve your fitness level. This HIIT style workout will have you burning through massive calories both during and after your workout.

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4 minutes jog or run (Option: 4 minutes treadmill at 7-8km/ph) – Followed by 1 minute rest

25 Squats – 1 minute rest

50 Jumping Jacks – 1 minute rest

Plank 2 minutes – 1 minute rest

25 Push Ups – 1 minute rest

50 Mountain Climbers – 1 minute rest

Repeat up to 4 rounds.

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