5 Easy Tips To Lose Weight

  1. Drink lots of water. Aim for at least 2 litres, no less, but more if you can!

2. Breakfast: Oats and fruit with rice milk. Or 2 poached eggs on toast.
Lunch: Green salad and salmon. Or chicken and salad wrap.
Dinner: Any meat, chicken or fish with salad or vegetables.
Or pasta and vegetables. Use low fat or fat free sauces. (Choose vegetarian or vegan meals if desired, which are naturally lower fat)
Snacks: Fruit, small cup nuts, rye crackers with tomato….

3. No takeaway food or soft drinks.

4. 30-60 minutes exercise 3-5 times per week. Even walking will help.

5. Get enough sleep! 6-8 hours restful sleep.

Try this for 2 weeks and I guarantee you will notice a difference, then you can start to retain healthy habits to ensure you improve health and weight management. Once you detoxify your system, you’ll notice the benefits and improved wellbeing!

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