No Equipment Exercises | No Excuses

It’s very easy to put off a workout or exercising by saying “I can’t get to the gym” “I don’t have any weights” “I don’t have a bike” “I should buy a treadmill”… Recognise these statements for what they are, they are excuses! Have a quick read of this uncomplicated article, don’t overthink it, and then get started.

Getting started only requires you (and your motivation) and ideally some light workout clothes, and a decent pair of cross training joggers. ASICS are by far the best exercise shoes! Get a decent price here on my exact shoes ASICS Women’s Gel-Contend 6 Running Shoes, 9M, Black/Rose Gold

Choose a spacey living room, backyard, local park, beach, sport field, and you’ll be ready to choose from the following exercises, which you can easily design your own workout combinations from…

Push ups. Sit ups. Squats. Squat jumps. Squat pulses. Lunges. Walking lunges. Burpees. High knee runs. Planks. Side planks. Skaters. Ski jumps. Lunge jumps. Mountain climbers. Tuck jumps. Calf raises. Ladder runs. Jumping jacks… to list only a few. Google has examples of all! Combinations of any of these will provide a great workout and lots of burn 🔥

Pick 3 to start with – 5 of each for Round 1. Complete 3 rounds. You can then start mixing up your exercises and increasing your reps and rounds to suit! Such an easy, affordable, hassle free, effective way to get started! Strength, cardio, core is all targeted! Music (speakers/pods) is a great motivational tool, make sure it’s pumped up to get you pumped up!

You can also walk, jog, and run. You may like to set up a ‘x’ kilometre jog and complete some rounds of reps as a warm up, mid or post jog workout. Literally, all you need is to turn on your motivation, set yourself a daily goal, and start smashing those goals, burning calories, and reaping benefits. No equipment needed. No excuses. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, increase fitness, maintain health…….Focus. Fire. Fit.

Focus. Fire. Fit.

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