5 Underrated Feel Good Activities

  1. Sing. Sing out loud. Blast out some music and kiss your cares goodbye. Create a playlist. Don’t be shy, let your voice be heard. Learn new lyrics. Revisit songs from your childhood. Just sing.
  2. Dance. Dance, dance, dance. Use that song playlist to get your groove on. Dance alone, dance in front of a mirror, dance in front of an audience. Get in touch with your inner mojo. Be free. Feel alive. Book a class, try pole dancing, try Zumba, try popping and locking, get primal, get moving!
  3. Run a bath. Light some candles and incense. Add muscle soak or bath oils. Awaken your senses while relaxing. Play some meditation music, drift off into a relaxing state of zen. Add crystals, flower petals, or whatever adds to your peace and enjoyment. Bliss.
  4. Gardening. Getting your hands into some dirt while tending to plants, potting plants, planting in an established garden, will draw your attention and senses back to nature. Be earthy, connect with Mother nature and appreciate all she has to offer. Choose some of your favourite greenery and colours, succulents are easy to grow and maintain, colourful flowers brighten any drab areas, herbs, fruit and vegies, climbing vines, cacti, bonsai, outdoor and indoor. You’re in control of choosing, growing, nurturing, tending to, and enjoying the gorgeous garden life you create!
  5. Beach vibes. Walk on the beach, feel the cool sand beneath your feet. Swim in the ocean, let the salt water refresh, revitalise, and heal your mind, body, and soul. Enjoy the sea breeze blowing through your hair. Discover shells, sea life, and marine vegetation while exploring the water’s edge and rockpools.

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