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Improve Fitness : Remove Toxicity in 5 Steps

1. Ditch the junk food. Bin the processed foods. Eliminate the chemicals, colours, and preservatives. 2. Remove non natural and non environmentally friendly cosmetics, toiletries, and cleaning products. 3. Detoxify your system of poisons such as caffeine, non essential medications, nicotine, illegal substances, alcohol, and sugar. 4. Remove negative people from your environment. Develop strongContinue reading “Improve Fitness : Remove Toxicity in 5 Steps”

Top 3 Booty Exercises

I am not an advocate for building up one particular body area, as I believe in training that incorporates the whole body, our muscles and bones are all connected and what you do to one particular area will either work for or against another area. In this respect, a balanced diet and exercise program isContinue reading “Top 3 Booty Exercises”

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